Symbols: IV

in frustration and meditation of reminding myself of the differences i occasionally choose to find between the nature of our earth and the visual manifestations of my subconcious

Symbols: III

on the rooftop at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco

it danced in the wind covered by a cloudy sky denying my right to the sun

Symbols: II

to break off is temporal in perception and this physical world, that is in this world whether or not you hold your self to any hierarchy of ideas your body after passing will inevitably breakdown and be devoured/used/become one with different species and energy vessels

Symbols: I

A carrying over of multiple realms and the decision to see as separate in order explain

Word Structure: II

a swarm of sacred salvation saluting solitude
savagely shifting and sifting like swiftly
it swallows all shallow sentiment sucking senses of a central stronghold
soft and shocking maybe sour to a separation stocking simple sacrament into a ritualized manner

the spirit will
not decay the
spirit will not
decay the spirit
will not decay

but your knowledge and comprehension of such


so split the



in search of a start in synchronicity of similar spark
spoke of in scripture and stemming from simplifying

glory in the face of god

like you like it
and he like she
and god-like forces pulsing peacefully

while keeping still and steady in

spinning a roundness in
"fuck this, i'm leaving"
and then later grieving the thoughts or the pattern now lost in
an absence of an option of your place in
space and conception of time

Word Structure: I

the diverge of separate selves,
waxing and waning, complaining, disdaining-giving birth and breath to new stumbles in
sinking in slumber in seeking solidarity
in creation of division
and the opportunities within is
and breaking
like shaking in flux
lightly taking,
the space
between us and
between the between.
the back in context makes a connection in separation.

in which direction within the void?

it is busting a burst of banishment without appreciation that burns into
much of the same
of the larger huge like massive big
in blue or red or yellow or dark patterns or darker patterns or the feeling of being ahead of one's self or blinding light funneled or
filtered into
and out of

much of the same
kind of penetrating, regenerating thought.

the whole
of the hole
becomes holy,

that is in it's relation to the observer, and more and less

in it's absence or it's lack of interest toward the focus of origin